Here are a few of our Testimonials...

Laura Amireche

Parenthood Coach

“Without this platform, I would never have created my business, it's just extraordinary. I had my first 100 prospects in less than 5 days! ”

MArianick jouve

Art Coach

“Generosity, professionalism, skills, I've made my choice! Wolfeo really won me over and I really don't regret it”

Ludovic Servais

Multi entrepreneur

“I saw a lot of courses but it was Wolfeo that helped me take a leap forward. It's fabulous what Kevin gave throughout the challenge, it's really great! ”

Gérard diom

Internet entrepreneur

“ The course is so complete, it's amazing! All I do now is recommend Wolfeo to anyone looking for a way to improve their business! ”

Samantha Chochoix

Sustainable development consultant

“ Wolfeo is an accelerator and allows me to believe that becoming an entrepreneur is in fact possible.
I tested other platforms before, but Wolfeo really
makes all the difference ”

Katy Carcanague

Communication expert

“ Thanks to Wolfeo my business is growing steadily. What really makes the difference is the quality of support and efficiency with very fast customer support .”

Isabelle Voitier

Voice Coach

“ The team is friendly and allows you to enter the business sector in a pleasant way. And that's what enticed me to join Wolfeo! ”

Fatima de Sousa

Engineer in training and sex therapist

“ I am very satisfied. The weekly coaching sessions are a huge help, the customer support is efficient. There is no hesitation when it comes to Wolfeo! ”

Cyrianne Ladriere

Personal development trainer and coach

“ I really like the online courses Wolfeo offers and the teaching replays and the weekly coaching are great and boost me every time! ”


Coach and blogger

“ Individualised coaching is extremely powerful and reassuring, it saves time and improves efficiency! ”


Professional pastry chef and YouTuber

“ An extremely professional, attentive, and very efficient team. In 14 days I managed to get 624 contacts and I have great feedback. It's incredible! ”


Sports coach

“ I really like the Wolfeo team. I have only positive feedback to give, I like their youth, their responsiveness and their dynamism. I recommend Wolfeo with great confidence! ”


Psychopractor in emotional health

“ I love having the human contact of Wolfeo. I really appreciate the joint coaching and the individual coaching. Wolfeo is the Rolls Royce of marketing. ”


Marketing officer

“ A team close to you, French and French-speaking, always attentive. ”


Kantic therapist

“ In terms of training, support, energy, sympathy, friendliness ... you will have exceptional support. I recommend Wolfeo with confidence! ”


Personal development coach

“ Fortunately I met Wolfeo because I really found a personalised support with step by step guidance. ”



“ Thanks to Wolfeo, I was able to collect an impressive number of prospects and I was even able
to get my first sales! ”


French teacher and entrepreneur

“ I really like Wolfeo, it's very clear and very educational. For someone who is just starting out, you can find your way around easily. Very accessible
with a quality team behind. ”


Coach support for executives

“ I was enticed by the slogan "Let's impact the world together" and as such, I have already experienced that the team is really listening to everyone! ”


Photography teacher

“ Wolfeo is a good experience, a pleasant adventure that makes selling with easy! ”

Mirza Riskwait

Entrepreneur in public law

“ The Wolfeo team is very friendly and accessible. Lots of added value at Wolfeo, both in terms of quality and quantity of information. ”

Siham Ferdaouss

Chemist and perfume designer

“ The human side is very important to me in my life. I was pleasantly surprised by this value implanted in the heart of Wolfeo and which immediately gave me confidence. ”



“ With Wolfeo we have everything. We don't need anything else! All the tools in hand, the training, the help you need, and advice... it makes all the difference. ”

Sonia Laudet Domjan

Life coach

“ I couldn't believe it myself and I loved the training. Very dense but very inspiring, motivating, energizing! ”

Phlippe Diara

Computer scientist

“ The Wolfeo team is very responsive with top customer support and always present when we need them! ”

Myriam Mitraros

Well-Being Entrepreneur

“ Wolfeo for me makes things possible. With a very attentive team and responsive customer support 😊 ”

Jean-Luc Fraysse


“ A team led by Kevin who holds our hand click by click to get us to succeed in our business.
Kevin is a great teacher!”

Sebastien Pats

Sound technician and drummer

“ I found the training INCREDIBLE, I did not expect so much, it was impressive, beyond my expectations! ”


Internet entrepreneur

“ Efficient support and a French-speaking team who responds quickly, has made me loyal to Wolfeo ”

Isabelle blanchard

Personal development coach

“ I experienced the challenge as a revelation! Kevin's training and service is a big wow! ”

Xavier Pasanau

Professional golfer

“ Thanks to Wolfeo, the sky cleared up when it came to my approach to being able to digitize my business. We feel supported, helped, and I want to get
the Wolfeo Reward! ”


Hypnosis practitioner, energy techniques, EFT, Reiki

“ I've been following Kevin Hanot for a very long time, I should have taken the plunge sooner
but it's happening now and I'm delighted! ”

Christelle Dumats

Organizational professional

“ The challenge was super motivating, easy to follow and very condensed, I feel like he was sharing all of his marketing secrets with us! It's amazing. ”



“ It's an incredible experience, you absolutely
have to try it. Wolfeo is great! ”

Manon Paquet

Founder of the Embassy of Happiness

“ I'm in love with Wolfeo! Realizing my dream of starting my business is finally realistic! ”


Therapist and school coach

“ Efficient and intuitive, we really feel
accompanied and supported!”