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You can upgrade to a upper or lower package at any time. Just take care of the limitations and app loss of your new plan 🙂

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The Wolfeo Monthly Donation

[/mk_fancy_title][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”false”]The Wolfeo Monthly Donation is totally transparent and is not going to cost you anything. Every month our team will give 1€ per month per “All-Inclusive” customers to a charity. By chosing this offer you will not only have the best deal ever but you will help us support great causes around the world.

We decided not to support one but to support a different organisation every single month. I assume that 1€ per user per month is not a ton of money but as a business we have to be profitable to serve our customers.

And the magic is that when you are profitable you can expand your impact in the world. So there’s no doubt that I will do all my best to help more customers to reach their goal which is going to help us give more and change people and animals life.

Thank you for being part of it….

Kevin Hanot – Founder & CEO