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Here it comes… We are finally launching the english blog and publish our first REAL blog post.

And what a first blog post with the first MAJOR update for Wolfeo. During the last months we have been working hard to improve the platform to let you get more trafic, leads and sales of your products.

To be honest with you, it was hard to deal with marketing and tech things to get done. Anyway, here’re our major update yet !

We Launched WolfCart : the BIGEST update so far  !

This feature is by far the biggest and most important feature we’ve been working on. We are working on another BIG thing around email marketing and funnels automations but this is really big.

You’ve been waiting for months for this feature and it’s finally out of the box.

In simple words, with WolfCart you can create AWESOME and conversion optimized order forms to sale MORE digital and physical products AND deliver them. We had two choices for the product delivery.

SPOILER : we’ll make them both possible.

We’ve noticed that you already have created membership websites on Optimize Press + WordPress + other existing platforms. So we decided to let you execute RULES to send a membership account on orders made thru WolfCart.

It means that you can use Wolfeo’s marketing features to delivery INSTANTLY your existing products to your new customers. And the funny thing is that Wolfeo, in case of recurring payment errors, will close your customer’s access for your digital product. You won’t have to close them yourself, the system works alone 24/7 🙂

Another great thing is that you’ll be able to connect your existing email autoresponder with Wolfeo’s Active Rules.

Imagine one of your customers order your product, Wolfeo will add him to your ‘Customers Contact list’ on Drip or even a list within Wolfeo (when we’ll release our next biggest feature).


So with Wolfcart you will be able to execute rules after an order or any event happening on your sales thru an order form.

WolfCart AWESOME order forms templates

Another great thing, and many more to come. The main problem with payment processors and payment gateway is that they have UGLY order forms and they are not really optimized. That’s why paypal conversion rates are so low…

We solved that too ! You will have an access to our 4 main templates (and more to come) which are optimized for your conversions.

They have all you need to convert your hot prospects into great clients :

  • Contact informations
  • Guarantee box
  • Product description
  • SSL protection
  • Testimonials
  • Secured logos
  • Your business logo
  • Terms of service

and so on…

Here’s one example


Gateway and payment processors : the 2 big guys

We are launching Wolfcart with the 2 bests payment processors in Europe and in the World : Stripe and Paybox.

The great thing is that you will be able to use them with 1-click-upsell in the next upcoming upgrade.

But for now, you will be able to make subscriptions, 1-time payments and/or installment payments for your products and membership websites.

And yes, you’ll be able to use CHECKS, BANK TRANSFERS And log a CASH transaction.


Dynamic VAT products management

Here’s another little but big difference between Wolfeo and other competitors.

Instead of working on a VAT per order form, you’ll have a VAT per product !

It means that if you have different products within an order form, they will have the right VAT based on your customer’s country (EU VAT). So you will have your invoices with the correct amounts with no human interaction 🙂

And yes, they’re sent directly to your customer’s mailbox.

Subscription, 1-time payment and payment plans

Have you ever tried to create a payment plan within another platform ? Yes, and it’s called SUBSCRIPTION !

Within Wolfeo, we have separated orders in 3 types and invoicing won’t work the same for them.

  • Subscription : a customer will receive an invoice for every new transaction.
  • 1-time payment : he’ll receive his invoice once.
  • Payment plan : the customer will receive the invoice for the WHOLE amount of the order and then you are getting new transactions linked to this invoice afterward 🙂

Bulk features of Wolfcart

  • Personalized thank you pages : you’ll create your own thank you pages or redirect your customers on your existing ones.
  • Facebook, Google Analytics and third party integrations : you will be able to integrate your own tracking or script codes !
  • Clients & Prospects listing : you’ll have a list of your prospects and clients to identify abandon carts.
  • Unlimited Products : you have more than 1 product ? No problem, we got you covered 🙂

What’s coming next : WolfCart Active Abandon.

It’s a feature within Wolfeo which allows you to automatically send an email sequence to recover any abandoned carts

For example : the contact abandon his cart and then 1 HOUR after abandon he will receive an email with a direct link to finish his order.

1 day after the abandon, he’ll receive another email with the link and a kind of copy made to help him take a decision, most likely taking your offer 🙂

We are going to release it with several email sequences optimized with our experience in marketing funnels and copywriting !

This feature is just worth the entire annually subscription of Wolfeo. In our experience, just activating it results in a 20 to 35% lift in conversion rates !